Troy Shawn Dunlop is a deuteragonist in Curious George: The Runaway Monkey​​​​​​. He is a very well-behaved, fun-loving, sharp and independent young boy, who is Ted's adopted son and George's new brother from The Foster's Child-Life Center.

He resembles himself as Anna (Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey) and a child version of Ted, only with blue eyes.

in the post credits scene he has a stepmother named Tara.

Trivia Edit

  1. E.G Daily roles her voice as Troy (mimicking the voices of Tommy from the season 1 of Rugrats) and Max Charles lent his singing voice to Troy.
  2. When Ted says "No" for in the grocery store twice, Troy, along with Daphne, tickles him (first-time discovering his tickle spot), instead of throwing a tantrum. (Reference as seen in