Tara is a major character, Maggie's best college friend, Ted's new love interest, the first woman in the yellow dress with a pair of glasses, who dreams of becoming a museum directress, great act frog impressions and loves to play a trumpet (the opposite of Ted playing a tuba) and resembles herself alot like Maggie, who will first-time appeared in Curious George: The Runaway George and she likes Justin Bieber in a new pelican suit.

She will appear for most of the film as the late Maggie's replacement after her tragic death, but she will become Ted's new wife, George's new guardian and TroyGerald and Daphne's stepmother only happened in the post credits scene of the film ending the movie franchise.



  • Tara has the same personality, equally as Ted and acting just like him as well.
  • Tara dreams of becoming a museum directress and school teacher.
  • She is voiced by Irene Bedard from Disney's Pocahontas.
  • She appears in the most of the film as Maggie's replacement.