Daphne Lynn Shackleford is a second deuteragonist in Curious George: The Runaway Monkey​​​​​​. She is a very well-behaved, fun-loving, sharp and independent young girl, who is Troy's younger sister, Ted's youngest daughter and George's New sister from The Foster's Child-Life Center.

She has short orange hair, blue eyes and pink lips, wears a pink-and-white sailor dress with a big pink bow in the back of her hair, white socks and pink slippers. She is also a young child version of Maggie.

in the post credits scene she has a stepmother named Tara.


  1. Tara Strong roles her voice as Daphne (mimicking the voices of Melody and Sara Simple as one).
  2. When Ted says "No" for in the grocery store twice, Daphne, along with Troy, tickles him (first-time discovering his tickle spot), instead of throwing a tantrum. (Reference as seen in