quotes at international music awardsEdit

(watching Ted Tara George Daphne Troy & Gerald performing)

Ian: Good To Be Back Huh???

Maxwell: Sure Is.

Ian: Sold Samantha's story to hollywood hug bidding war Jenny Slate is interested i'm thinking 95 cent for me?

Quotes for the post credits sceneEdit

  • Troy: I'm Happy That You and Tara got together.
  • Gerald: Me, too.
  • Daphne: Yeah, me too.
  • Tara: That Is right kids.
  • Ted: Right, George?
  • George: Uh-huh.
  • Tara: So, that's it this is the final film.
  • Ted: We Guess So.
  • Gerald Troy & Daphne: Thanks For Watching.
  • George: Bye-Bye!