Banners, Badges, Candies, and Rings== Welcome to this section. This is the list of achievements you can get on this wiki.


Banners show major achievement and give you bragging rights along with a high rank.

1. Curious George King

Just one step away from being Curious George the god himself. To earn this Banner, you must have watched all the Curious George movies and episodes, and have 20 people nominate you, and must have earned the Duke banner.

2. Curious George Duke

You must have watched MOST of the Curious George Movies and Episodes. Be able to sing the Curious George theme song's tune. And be able to summarize all movies and episodes you have watched. You also need 15 people to nominate you and must have earned the Lord Banner

3. Curious George Lord

You must have watched at least half of all the episodes and movies at least twice or watched most of the Curious George Movies and episodes. You also need 10 people to nominate you